Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

English post !:)

Hello. :) Today I thought about a post in English, so.. I try it. :D
Today a girl from Belgium will visit me for 2 weeks. It's a kind of exchange. After these 2 weeks I'll visit her for 2 weeks in Belgium.
She'll arrive soon and I'm pretty excited! I still have to clean my room.. But there are 3 hours left. Her parents will take her to us and we'll eat some cake my mother made yesterday (it's nutella-cake! :D) together. After that her parents will leave, of course. ;)
I don't know yet what we will do in these 2 weeks, but Monday there is a Bruno Mars concert and I can't wait! He's the best singer I've ever heard and I really love his voice. :) I'm so excited and I'm sure that it's going to be a great evening. I'll go with my best friend Stephanie (yeah, you know her!:)) and the exchange student Lauren.

But now, I really have to clean my room. :D
I'll try to post something in the next days, but I can't promise!
It's time to say goodbye and... please forgive me the mistakes I made. :D

Have a nice Sunday!
Love <3

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