Dienstag, 24. April 2012

time flies...

hey guys.
today i'll write in english. :)
it's true: time flies and i can't believe it.. there are only 4 months left and then i'll leave germany for 10 months.. right now i'm really, really excited, i can't wait.. my biggest dream becomes true and it's such an incredible  feeling.. i think you only know what it feels like if you felt it yourself..
today we had english class and we had to write an essay for homework. the subject was ''how to behave if you move to another country''... perfect for me! i wrote almost one site and i really liked the subject. :)

there are some news, too: about 1 week ago i got an e-mail from iE and they told me that my application is in the usa now! that means that they begin to look for a host family for me right now! :D i hope that they'll find one soon, i can't wait to know where i'll live for 10 months!
the woman from iE told me that ''i sound like a wonderful young lady'' and i was so,so,so happy when i read this.

in my holidays i also went to the library and i borrowed 4 books in english because i want to prepare for the slep test in june. i'm really afraid of this test... but hey, i go to the usa to learn english and not because i already speak it perfectly..

so that's all for now..
enjoy the rest of your time in germany, guys!


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  1. Where are you going to? Which state or city in the US? Just curious, because I also do an exchange year.

    Love, Lydia