Montag, 18. Juni 2012

What time is it where you are?

hey guys. :)
i write in english today so excuse me if i make any mistakes.. :)
lately i read some books in english and i love it! english is just such a great language .. it feels like you can express things so much better in english than in german.. i read a book named notorious.. it's written by cecily von ziegesar, the author of gossip girl and even if i didn't read gossip girl i think it's similar. it's about a girl, tinsley carmichael who was kicked out of the waverly academy because of a incident and who's just came back .. she causes a lot of trouble .. i don't want to say anything more. just read it yourself, it's a great book! i read english books to prepare for the slep-test i'll have to do for the usa. i'm really afraid of this test, because normally it's made for people who have learned english for 3-5 years and i've only learned it for 2 years now.. we will see.:)

next weekend is my preparing weekend for the usa and i'm soo excited! we will talk about everything you have to know when you make an exchange year and during this weekend we will also write the slep-test.
it's from friday to saturday and this means that i don't have to go to school on friday!:-) i look forward to get to know other people who travel with iE to the usa. :) after this weekend i will make a post about what it was like. :)

yesterday i watched the soccer game germany vs denmark with my family and i really enjoyed it. i love watching the games with my family because we're all together, everyone's happy and there's just nothing to worry about. everything's just all right. i really like that. :) do you also watch the soccer games with your family or do you watch it with friends? or not at all?

otherwise there isn't anything else to talk about.. this weekend i was ill and today i didn't go to school.. but it's no problem because there are only two weeks until summer holiday so we don't make any important stuff anymore. 

i hope i didn't forget anything but i don't think so.:-)
have a nice week and leave me a comment! :)

our living room decorated by my crazy parents for the soccer game ;-)

notorious! sorry for the bad quality of my webcam

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  1. dafür, dass du noch nicht so lange englisch lernst, schreibst du aber eigentlich ganz gut :)